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Host Reception

128th Annual SAR Congress

Texas Society Reception

Time to put your ten-gallon hat and your boots on because you are invited to the George Ranch in Houston Texas for the host society reception on Saturday, 14 July, 2018. This ranch has been in one family, with four generations running its operations for over 100 years. Started back in 1824 by Henry and Nancy Stiles Jones it began as a cattle ranch of over 4400 acres. Over time they had 12 children and passed the ranch and farming to their eldest daughter and third child Mary Moore (Polly) Ryon who along with her husband began to expand the ranch to over 27,000 acres. This strong woman was the epitome of the frontier woman during the Civil War years and in its aftermath.

The third generation to inherit and work the land was Susan Elizabeth and her husband “Judge” John Harris Pickens Davis who between themselves and the rest of the family expanded the ranch to over 67,000 acres leased and owned land which was about 12% of the total area of Fort Bend county at that time. Finally, Mary Elizabeth Davis inherited the ranch and married a young gentleman by the name of Albert P. George who along with “Mamie” would continue to grow the ranch and give back to the community. With the discovery of oil on the property, they established the George Foundation that continues to do philanthropic work in Texas and preserves the long heritage of this part of our history.

We invite you to attend and enjoy true Texas hospitality at the George Ranch Complex while in Houston for the Congress.

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