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12 Apr

Adoption of the Halifax Resolves

Event Location

NASSAR Headquarters
809 W Main St
Louisville, KY 40202

Event Date & Time

The 242nd Anniversary Celebration of the Adoption of the Halifax Resolves will be held Wednesday, April 12th at 10:30 am on the site of the Colonial Courthouse on  Market St. adjacent to the Historic Halifax Visitors Center located at 25 St. David St. in Halifax, NC.  President-General Larry T. Guzy will be the keynote speaker.

A weapons check will be conducted at 10:15. Weapons not inspected at this time will not be allowed on the field.

A luncheon will be held at the Halifax United Methodist Church, 150 S. King St. in Halifax at 12:00 pm.  The cost of the meal will be $12.00.  RSVP’s will be required NLT April 9th.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn Roanoke Rapids, 111 Carolina Crossroads Pkwy., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 (Exit 171 I-95). The telephone number is: 252-519-2333. The rooms are $89.00 + tax. You must specify when the reservation is made that you are a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. Check-in: 11 April, Check-out 12 April. Reservation must be made by 5 April. Reservations after that time will be on a space available status. Point of contact for lodging questions is Ken Wilson at 252-537-5406 or boxcar27870@embarqmail.com.

A Reception is being planned for 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 11th at the hotel followed by a Dutch Treat dinner at Ralph’s Barbecue, 1400 Julian Allsbrook Highway, Weldon, NC at 6:00 pm.

A luncheon will be held following the ceremony at the Halifax United Methodist Church, 150 South King St. in Halifax, NC. The price of the luncheon will be $12.00 per person. All RSVPs must be received by April 9th for the meals and to be listed on the program.

242nd Anniversary Celebration of the Adoption of the Halifax Resolves

 Name of Society/Chapter/Individual______________________________________
 Present wreath? Yes____ No____
 Presenter_________________________________
 Will your Color Guard attend? Yes____ How Many? ____ No____
 Will you attend the Luncheon? Yes____ No___
 If yes, how many lunches are required? _______ Amount enclosed: $_________
(you can save this form after completion and email it to savent917@gmail.com
and send the check for lunch by the US Mail to the address below.)
 Make checks payable to: “The Halifax Resolves Chapter NCSSAR”

Steve Avent, Secretary/Treasurer
42 Fox Grape Ln
Southern Shores, NC 27932

Phone: (252) 955-2103

E-mail: savent917@gmail.com
Participants are encouraged to register by email using the email address above.

Please fill out NSSAR ID

Please select one Society/State

Registrant Information

Please complete the form below to submit your registration. Take note of

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Choose your tickets and functions

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Attending Guests

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Order Confirmation

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{{ guestFunction.title }}: {{ event_data.pricingList[guestFunction.id][4] | currency }} {{ guestFunction.base_price | currency }}

{{ guestFunction.title }}: {{ event_data.pricingList[guestFunction.id][4] | currency }} {{ guestFunction.base_price | currency }}

Selected Options

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