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Welcome to the SAR's New Website!

28 Jun

Welcome to the SAR's New Website!

Author: O M

Welcome to the recently renovated and newly launched SAR website! Over the past few months, the SAR's web presence has been undergoing a long awaited face lift. We are very excited to share the refreshed look and streamlined structure with you. Visitors will notice a different design and layout, though much of the same information is still available and can be located after a bit of searching. Please take some time to explore the new pages and navigational set up and become familiar with the overall site.

The updated site will highlight the story of the SAR and feature a single login for members (and non-members) which will include multiple functions like the application system, the membership system, registering for events, making donations, and, of course, shopping in the SAR Store. Due to upgraded security features on the new site, visitors wishing to use these functions will have to create a new log in account (username and password), which can be completed by following the directions found on the SAR Member Sign Up page.

Although the switch over happened in an instant, information, supplementary documents, and pages will continue to be added to this site over time. Please don’t expect to see everything on Day One. If there is a question or issue about a web page or function, please feel free to reach out to the SAR staff for clarification. Thanks so much for your continued patience and enjoy!

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