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Common Questions About SAR

You will notice toward the top of the page a menu selection that displays Store, Foundation, Library, Museum, FAQ's, Login.  Click on the Login option and follow the instructions on the next page.

Creating a User Account

When you create your account remember to look for the "Search your NSSAR#" to tie your membership record to your login account.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve and also the
occasional technical glitch. While we hope to keep things simple
sometimes the technical glitches still show up.

If you experience an issue just contact: support@sar.org

Please describe the issue and provide the URL of the page on which you experienced the issue.

This may mean that you skipped a step in creating your account.  The step of looking for the "Search your NSSAR#" option to tie your membership record to your login account.

Another function that may cause this type of issue are related to permission settings and may require an email to support@sar.org to take care of.

While searching a new site can be challenging most of the reference materials from the older site are still available.  

One way to find them is by using the Search function at the top of every page.  Keep the parameters of your search simple.

Example:  search for "forms"

The results will be a list of pages that include the word "forms" on them in some fashion.  Review the list to see if what you are looking for is there.

This question has been popping up more frequently.

One of the first issues to look at is, what is opening the form?  Is it the browser or is it actually Adobe Reader.  Some browsers seem to automatically turn off the ability to enter information in to a fillable form.  This will require you to go in to the default settings of your specific browser and have it default to Adobe when opening a .pdf file.

If you continue to have an issue, send an email to support@sar.org listing the form in question and the issue you are experiencing.

Some information can be updated by you directly in the system.  Other information will require either a Chapter, State or the National Office to update.

Explore the system and see what you can update.  Anything else that needs attention, please reach out to registrar@sar.org or support@sar.org for where the responsibilities reside.

This requires an email being sent to support@sar.org.  Please include your old email address and the new email address.

This "Ouch" message occurs for a couple of reason.  

One you may have attempted to access something that was currently being worked on by one of the programmers.  In this case, it is a temporary event and you can try again, though you may need to clear your temporary internet files.

The second reason is that you may have stumbled onto a glitch in the system.  While we do try to minimize the amount of glitches that occur, they will happen from time to time.  It is challenging for programmers to make changes to a "live" system and have everything work right out of the gate.  

If you come across one of these, please feel free to report it to support@sar.org.  Be sure to describe exactly what or where you were going when the "Ouch" occurred.  This will help us track down the issue quicker.

The login accounts created on the old SAR site were not transferred to the new site.  The format was not compatible.  

The same can be said for the database site located at memberinfo.sar.org.

The new SAR site will require you to create a new account using your email address as the user account.

Go to the Login screen and at the bottom click on:

Forgot Username or Password

This will open screen for you to enter your email address.  Then click on "Send My Password"

The system will send an email to the address entered with a temporary password.  It will look something like this:

"Forgot your password? Don't worry, we all do sometimes.  Please login with the provided temporary password below:

Password:  QQ12345678"

Once you received that email, copy the password down and click on the word "login" in the email.  This will take you to a login screen to enter your email and temporary password.

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